How To Stop Car Doors Freezing Shut During The Winter

One common problem people in cold climates experience during the winter is having their car doors freeze shut. During the day, when it gets warm, water makes its way down between the car door and the frame of the vehicle. It also can find its way into the lock. At night, temperatures usually drop, causing the water to freeze.

When you go out to start your car in the morning, you may not be able to get inside because your car doors are stubbornly frozen in place. Fortunately, there are some simple fixes for this problem. Here are some tips from Madrid Cerrajeros – a well established cerrajeros en Madrid company – on how to stop car doors freezing shut during the winter.

  1. Inspect the seals on your car door. Around the edge of your door, there are long strips of rubber that are designed to reduce road noise and to keep moisture at bay. If these strips become cracked, worn-out, dirty, or damaged, water can get inside. Damaged seals should be replaced before winter weather arrives. Cleaning them may also help. Removing any extra dirt will allow them to form a better seal, which can minimize the risk of water getting in.
  2. Use silicone lubricant or cooking spray on the seals. Lubricants like these help stop car doors freezing shut during the winter. Make sure the rubber strips are thoroughly coated on every side. Wipe off any excess spray with a clean rag or a paper towel. Use caution, spraying away from your car’s interior. If necessary, protect the door panel from any overspray. You can also spray the lubricant onto a rag and apply it by hand rather than spraying it directly onto the seals.
  3. Park your vehicle in a covered area. If you have a garage, park inside whenever you can. Otherwise, consider investing in a carport or finding some other way to cover your vehicle. When your vehicle is protected from rainwater or other sources of moisture, water is less likely to get down inside of the area between the door and the frame of the vehicle, reducing any problems with freezing.

When your car doors freeze shut, it can be quite frustrating – especially if you are running late. Trying to get into your vehicle when the doors won’t budge is practically impossible. The best way to avoid this is by taking steps to keep them from freezing shut in the first place. To get the best results, verify that your door seals are in good condition, lubricate the seals, and park your car in a covered area away from sources of moisture.